Novocatrian cat sitting service is exclusively for cats. I am happy to refer you to a trusted pet sitting service for cats and dogs. Please contact for a referral.

Novocatrian provides a minimum of one 1-hour visit every 24 hours. I believe that even the most solitary cat needs someone to check in on them at least once a day. Dr Chris Brown refers to the "secretly sensitive heart" of an independent cat, and his blog provides further information on this topic: https://www.drool.pet/blogs/the-tips/just-how-quickly-do-cats-get-unbearably-lonely

Absolutely, yes. A Free No Obligation Consultation is included to give you an opportunity to meet me. If you feel comfortable with how I have interacted with you and your cat and wish to proceed, a booking form will be completed. This will allow you to provide all necessary information about your cat.
Yes, I will probably need a key in order to access your home and care for your cat. At the initial consultation, we can organise how you would like to provide the key and have it returned.
Full payment for all bookings is required prior to commencement of service. Payment reserves your booking so you can be assured the service will occur. You can choose to pay by cash, direct deposit or credit card.
Having a cat sitter visit your home is a great security measure while you’re away. Novocatrian holds a National Police Certificate clearance and Public Liability Insurance. Novocatrian protects your privacy and never shares your information with a third party without your consent.
Prior to taking care of your cat, I will get information from you regarding what to do in an emergency, including the name and contact details of your preferred veterinarian. I will naturally contact you without delay if I have any concern about your cat’s wellbeing.

Should you need to cancel your booked in-home visit, or return earlier than planned, please let me know as soon as possible. There is no penalty for cancellation. If you are unavoidably delayed or decide to extend your holiday, I will happily continue to care for your cat.